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What are the highlight of the high-speed injection molding machine?

by:FUHONG     2020-09-06
This paper, taking an example of 600 hh high-speed injection molding machine, convenient you know more about us the related information of high-speed injection molding machine. 600 hh high-speed injection molding machine window: the Italian high-end technology, suitable for high speed and high capacity of plastic molding project. At the same time, can according to product molding characteristics tailored to the customers. - High injection speed, fast response, the loading triaxial linkage open mould stripping, greatly shorten the cycle; - Precise control, such as from Austria Keba advanced controller, high - precision Mog servo valve As the high response servo system, lower energy consumption, can save about 30% 70% energy consumption - Stable operation, low noise, low vibration - Mechanical, hydraulic, electrical system more secure 600 hh high-speed injection molding machine specifications: 600 hh high-speed injection molding machine injection molding case: we use 600 hh high-speed injection molding machine to test the injection molding of plastic paint bucket, the test results show that the one with a mould labeling ( 安恩科技) 20 l plastic paint bucket cycle is only 15 s, its production capacity: 74880 PCS/month ( Working time: 12 hours * 26 days) As a professional manufacturer of high speed injection machine, high-speed injection molding machine can be applied to the production of plastic thin wall paint bucket, thin-wall packaging products such as plastic injection molding products, at the same time we also provide economic and reasonable one-stop solution for above products. Such as on the thin-wall packaging solutions to provide, we have successfully delivered hundreds of thin-wall injection molding machine, nearly thousand sets of thin-wall injection molding, more than 80 production line to the customer. If you are interested in injection molding machine or our production line service, please contact us, we wholeheartedly at your service!
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