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What are the high speed injection molding machine performance

by:FUHONG     2020-09-15
High speed injection molding machine to hear his name, we knew that he have something to tell, why it high-speed operation? Here I will explore the high-speed machine with everybody together. 1, our high speed is gas-electric composite high-speed injection molding machine, is to use nitrogen tank to assist injection in order to realize high speed injection. 2, it can be implemented through the triaxial linkage storage material, mold release, the mould opening moves at the same time. That is to say, high-speed injection molding machine has a total of three servo motor control the storage material, mold release, respectively mould to make it complete injection at the same time. Horizontal injection system with high precision, suitable for high speed injection, injection of sync problem, low inertia, add, subtract the reply quickly. 3, high-speed injection molding machine adopts KEBA and Rexroth servo valve control system, not only can precisely control each mold injection quantity and position, at the same time can also reduce the forming error, to obtain high precision molding. 4, high-speed security modules independent control mold-shut and injection molding machines, feeding, seat into won't produce misoperation caused by the human body damage. 5, high-speed injection molding machine equipped with high response servo system, according to the need to provide the corresponding hydraulic oil output flow, no overflow losses, 30 - to save energy 70%. Six, high-speed injection molding machine adopts new song hand optimization design, speed and clamping force and perfect combination, clamping speed 10 - 20%.
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