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What are the Guangdong injection molding machine manufacturers?

by:FUHONG     2021-06-18
Guangdong, especially the Pearl River Delta, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Guangzhou and other places because factories are clustered in these places, relatively more manufacturers of injection molding machines than other places in the country, almost 90% of the domestic injection molding machine manufacturers are located in Guangdong Territory. So how do we choose manufacturers to cooperate? The editor came to discuss and discuss with you. I hope that by analyzing different aspects, I will give you a reference when choosing. Performance reference performance is to measure whether a machine has the comprehensive performance of cost-effectiveness, high technology and high quality. With the continuous changes in the process requirements of injection molding products, injection molding machines have evolved many types and types, and the performance is related to the type and the type is related to the price. Therefore, performance is a very important reference index. The performance of the reference machine mainly includes: the functional characteristics of the machine (for example, the disc machine can hold multiple molds and high efficiency); the optional configuration (for example, the installation of mechanized arms, servo energy-saving motors, Automation line group), injection molding process (whether vertical clamping or horizontal clamping or vertical locking and horizontal injection), etc. Price and after-sales reference price and after-sales are the most important reference indicators for customers to purchase injection molding machines. In many cases, the price determines the final transaction. However, the price fluctuations of injection molding machines are relatively large, mainly due to accessories and optional configurations. The cost impact of the car is the same as buying a car, and the price is different for different configurations. It depends on your own functional requirements, which is the reference part of the performance we mentioned above. To give a simple example, we take an ordinary standard machine (equivalent to a bare car of a car, with the basic functions of an injection molding machine, which requires independent injection molding and the most standard machine), for example, the price is 50,000 yuan. If a servo energy-saving motor is added The final transaction price may be 55,000, because the cost of this part of the optional configuration also requires customers to pay. Therefore, it is not reasonable to use a single price as a reference. It should be more accurate to integrate the performance parameters we mentioned above. In terms of after-sales service, as long as it is a regular manufacturer, the three guarantees are implemented. At present, our company has offices in all major transportation hub cities across the country. You can visit in one day in Guangdong Province and about 3 days outside the province. If you are interested in our products, you can continue to visit our product introduction section or consult our online customer service and free hotline, and we will be happy to serve you.
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