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What are the domestic injection models?

by:FUHONG     2021-06-24
What are the domestic injection models? The so-called injection machine is actually another name for the injection molding machine, because the full name of the injection molding machine is called the plastic injection (injection) molding machine, so some customers simply call it the injection machine. The types of injection machines are similar in domestic and foreign countries, and there are three main categories: horizontal injection machines, vertical injection machines, and C-type machines. According to the performance characteristics, it can be divided into skateboard machines, disc machines, liquid silicone machines, two-color machines, and so on. At the same time, the machine can also be equipped with servo energy-saving motors, robotic arms, automation devices, etc. when purchasing. Therefore, it would be better to simply say which models are not as good as customizing them for your own needs. Only in this way can we meet our own production needs. How to customize the demand? At present, almost all domestic manufacturers with a slightly larger scale can customize them according to their own needs. So what buying methods should customers and friends know when making a choice? In fact, the main parameters for purchasing an injection machine are the injection volume, clamping force and mold opening stroke. These three parameters are related to what products the machine we bought can be used for, and what size products it can be used for. For example, the injection volume is related to the plastic consumption of the injection product, and the clamping force is related to the molding force required in the injection molding of the product to ensure the quality of the injection molding of the product. The mold opening stroke is related to the mold size and indirectly affects the product size. So based on these parameters, we can choose a machine that suits us. In addition, with the development of technology, some customers pay attention to production efficiency during production. At this time, you can choose a skateboard machine or a disc machine, so that the production efficiency is Will be higher. In addition, there are machines launched for individual materials. For example, the liquid silicone machine is equipped with a special feeding cylinder to ensure its good sealing. For example, if you need to perform two-color injection molding, you need to choose a two-color injection molding machine. The issues we mentioned above are some of the issues we need to consider when choosing an injection molding machine. Because each customer's needs and production requirements are different, we recommend that you explain your own production needs and machine needs to the customer service staff so that professional customer service staff can answer the most accurately.
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