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What are the composition of the automatic injection molding machine system?

by:FUHONG     2020-09-28
Fully automatic injection molding machine generally consists of electric control system, hydraulic conveying system, mold clamping systems, injection system, heating and cooling system, lubricating system and safety monitoring system, etc. ( 1) Electrical control system with reasonable hydraulic system, electric control system can realize the process requirements of injection machine ( Pressure, temperature, speed, time) And a variety of programs. Is mainly composed of electrical appliances, electronic components, instrumentation, heater, sensor, etc. Generally there are four kinds of control mode, manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic, adjustment. ( 2) Hydraulic conveying system hydraulic transmission system is to realize the automatic injection molding machine according to process requirements of all kinds of action, and meet fully automatic injection molding machine parts required for the requirement of pressure, velocity, temperature, etc. It is mainly composed of each kind of hydraulic components and hydraulic auxiliary components, which is a dynamic source of fully automatic injection molding machine oil pump and motor. All kinds of valve control oil pressure and flow, thus satisfying the requirements injection molding process. ( 3) Clamping system's role is to ensure that mold clamping system closed, open and out products. At the same time, the closed in the mold for give mould clamping force, to resist the molten plastic into the cavity, the cavity pressure produced by the prevent slotted mould, products of the bad situation. Composition of clamping system: the clamping system is mainly composed of clamping device, the variable organization, ejection mechanism, before and after the fixed template, mobile template, clamping cylinder and security agencies. ( 4) Injection system of injection system is the most important part of automatic injection molding machine, usually have a plunger type, screw, screw plastic injection plunger type three kind of main form. Is currently the most widely used screw type. Its action is, in a loop of the plastic injection machine, can within the prescribed period of time after a certain number of plastic heating plasticizing, under certain pressure and velocity, through the screw in the molten plastic injection mold cavity. ( 5) Heating/cooling system, heating system is used to heat the cylinder and the injection nozzle, fully automatic injection molding machine cylinder generally USES electric heating circle as a heating equipment, installation, the outside of the cylinder and thermocouple segment detection. Thermal conductive material plasticizing provide heat source for a heat through the wall; The cooling system is mainly used for cooling oil temperature, oil temperature is too high can cause a variety of failure occurs so that the oil temperature must be controlled. Another need cooling position near the feed opening feed tube, prevent raw material in the mouth melting, lead to the raw material can not be normal. ( 6) Lubrication system, lubrication system is fully automatic injection molding machine dynamic template, the place such as mould device, connecting rod machine hinge parts provide lubrication conditions, where there is relative motion of circuits, in order to reduce energy consumption and improve life parts, lubrication can be regular manual lubrication, can also be automatically electric lubrication; ( 7) Automatic safety device of injection molding machine safety monitoring system is mainly used to protect, machine safety devices. Mainly by the safty door, hydraulic valves, limit switches, photoelectric detecting element and so on, to realize electric - — Mechanical - — Hydraulic interlocking protection. Monitoring system of fully automatic injection molding machine oil temperature, material temperature, the system overload, and failure to monitor the process and equipment, found the abnormal situation for instructions or alarm. All the above is to introduce the content, hope to be of help. If you want to learn more knowledge, you can visit our website, we will provide you with more professional information.
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