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What are the characteristics of the insert molding technology of the rotary table vertical injection molding machine?

by:FUHONG     2021-05-23
The insert molding of the turntable vertical injection molding machine refers to a molding method in which a pre-prepared insert of dissimilar materials is placed in the mold and resin is injected, and the molten material is joined and solidified with the insert to make an integrated product. The injection molding on the substrate refers to the method of embedding the injection molded parts on the part of the metal plate surface. The above two forming methods are essentially the same. So, what are the characteristics of the molding process technology of the insert turntable vertical injection molding machine? 1. The combination of easy formability and flexibility of resin and rigidity, degree of heat resistance and heat resistance of metal can be combined to make complex and exquisite metal-plastic integrated products. 2. In particular, using the combination of resin insulation and metal conductivity, the molded product can meet the basic functions of electrical products. 3. For rigid molded products and bending elastic molded products on rubber gaskets, after injection molding on the substrate to make an integrated product, the complicated operation of arranging the sealing ring can be omitted, making the automated assembly of the subsequent processes easier. 4. Because it is the joining of the molten material and the metal insert, compared with the press-in molding method, the gap between the metal inserts can be designed to be narrower, and the molding reliability of composite products is higher. 5. Choose appropriate resin and molding conditions, that is, for products that are easily deformed and damaged (such as glass, coils, electrical parts, etc.), they can also be sealed and fixed by resin. 6. The pre-molding combination of multiple inserts makes the post-engineering of the product unit combination more rational. 7. Insert products are not limited to metals, but also cloth, paper, wires, plastics, glass, wood, coils, electrical parts, etc. 8. Choose the appropriate mold structure, the insert product can also be completely enclosed in the resin. 9. After the insert is formed, it can also be made into products with hollow grooves after core hole processing. 10. The combination of the rotary table vertical injection molding machine, the manipulator, and the insert product aligning device, etc., most of the insert molding process can realize automatic production. An effective combination of turntable vertical injection molding machine, mold, and automation device. How to function in a short time is the key to determining the automatic insert molding system. It is recommended to consult with manufacturers with considerable performance and experience to discuss options.
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