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What are the advantages of low pressure injection molding?

by:FUHONG     2021-06-29
Compared with the traditional injection molding process, low-pressure injection molding has its unparalleled advantages. In recent years, we have also found that low-pressure injection molding has been more and more used in various industrial fields, and has gradually replaced traditional high-pressure injection molding in some fields. Craft. Many people do not know this injection molding process very well, especially those who have just entered the injection molding industry, who are still very unfamiliar with the low-pressure injection molding process, and what is the difference between low-pressure injection molding and traditional injection molding? Hot melt materials and injection methods are different. First, low-pressure injection molding uses different materials from traditional injection molding machines. The viscosity of the hot melt adhesive for low pressure injection molding is very low, and the material has high fluidity after hot melt and does not require screw extrusion. As long as it is heated and melted by the rubber cylinder under small pressure, it can flow through the gear pump. Use a small space to enter the mold, and then cool the mold. Therefore, the low-pressure injection molding machine does not have a screw device, and the injection glue is injected through a gear pump, a hose and a glue gun. This has played a very good protective effect on some fragile parts and greatly improved work efficiency. Secondly, the pressure range of low-pressure injection molding is generally 5-40 bar, which is much lower than traditional injection molding, and is much gentler. It is very suitable for injection molding precision devices such as printed boards. Low pressure injection molding with different heating pressure and temperature is injection molding by preheating hot melt adhesive. Traditional injection molding has the lowest pressure and high material viscosity, and there may be insufficient injection molding, that is, lack of glue. Low-pressure injection molding materials have good bonding properties, which are unmatched by traditional engineering plastics. As can be seen from the table below, the temperature of the low-pressure injection molding process is much lower than that of the traditional high-pressure injection molding process, which can effectively reduce the probability of damage to some precision instruments due to high temperatures. Finally, low-pressure injection molding has a lower temperature, and some other materials, such as cast aluminum molds, can be used. Compared with steel molds, the design, development and processing of abrasive tools are more convenient, and at the same time, the mold development cycle is greatly shortened. In addition, compared with traditional time-consuming high-pressure injection molding, the process cycle of low-pressure hot melt injection molding can be shortened to several seconds to tens of seconds, which greatly improves production efficiency.
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