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What are the advantages of large tonnage injection molding machine?

by:FUHONG     2020-09-25
The following are some of the advantages: large tons of injection molding machine 1) Injection molding machine safety certification standards: the application of control system, electric control system in accordance with the CE standard, to protect the safety of the operator working conditions. 2) Compared with Chinese the same model machine, clamping unit weight is higher than others, tie rod distance is bigger than others, the thickness of the mould and die of stroke is longer than the other. Therefore, the same model of injection molding machine can meet the multiple needs of customers, and the reasonable cost. Apply to plastic pallet mould slider with hydraulic cylinder, need more pull rod. 3) Under normal circumstances, the original action step by step open and injection molding machines, machine can real open mould and knocking out two actions at the same time, reduce the production cycle time, improve production efficiency. 4) In order to achieve the fine plasticizing effect and more color, use machine with double metal screw, and mixed with the special structure. 5) Injection molding machine fittings are using high precision machine processing molding, von berg systeme need CMM tests. 6) Clamping unit using belt movement simulation technology to design more reasonable, machine sheet metal thickening, has had a higher strength, and extend the life of the machine.
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