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What are the advantages of injection molding machine motor?

by:FUHONG     2020-10-06
Are critical to the injection molding machine parts, like the car's motor, fine motor can improve the service life of injection molding machine, more energy saving province electricity, injection molding machine adopt servo motor, the Italian fizz company made permanent magnet motor, motor inertia is low, speed is fast, than normal injection molding machine motor power saving 30% 70%. For injection molding machine motor stator structure and working principle of permanent magnet synchronous motor with ac asynchronous motor, in 4 forms, three-phase winding according to the three phase four pole to decorate, 4 pole a rotating magnetic field generated electricity. Permanent magnet synchronous motor is different from common asynchronous motor rotor structure, permanent magnets are installed on the rotor magnetic pole, the installation of permanent magnet poles on the rotor iron core is circular surface, known as the convex type permanent magnet rotor. The polarity of the magnetic pole and magnetic flux to the right, this is a 4 pole rotor. According to the principle of minimum reluctance, namely along the magnetic flux is always closed the path of least resistance, the use of magnetic gravitational pull the rotor rotation, and will follow the stator rotating magnetic field produced by permanent magnet rotor synchronous rotation normal injection molding machine: the motor have been working since the start, even if the machine stops, the motor will not stop in turn. Servo injection molding machine: each make a different action with the corresponding power to provide power, not as good as the machine did not move, injection molding machine motor will stop completely. High speed electric injection molding machine is generally oil compound or high speed injection molding machine, ordinary general machine is hydraulic, hydraulic injection molding machine and relative speed is slow. The servo motor to achieve high-speed injection molding machine is used currently mould opening and closing, ejector demoulding, plastic injection material storage and so on. Speed is very fast and high precision injection molding, greatly enhance or improve the production environment and production efficiency. But now only servo electric injection molding machine clamping force under 850 tons of machines. Is the world's best injection molding machine manufacturers, has the need to purchase injection molding machine can contact us!
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