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What are the advantages of a small vertical injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2021-06-18
Speaking of small injection molding machines, it is necessary for us to first understand what is micro injection molding. The weight of micro injection molded parts is generally less than 1 gram and has a micron-level structure. Injection molding of these parts poses a unique set of challenges for manufacturers. In addition to the quality of plastic parts, the melt residence time is one of the most important issues in the production of parts in the 1-1000mg range. The time that the melt is exposed to the processing temperature when passing through the barrel and hot runner is critical to the integrity of the material. Miniature parts also face many other challenges, including metering, inspection, demolding, handling, and the effects of small forces (such as static loads). Traditional injection molding machines cannot efficiently or effectively mold extremely small, direct-gated parts, because they cannot solve the biggest challenge in micro-molding-they cannot adequately protect plastics from degradation. Since the micro parts consume only a small amount of material, the melt flows to the cavity at a very slow speed. Staying in the channel for too long will damage the material. Molding the cold runner to move more material is not a solution. The small vertical injection molding machine or micro injection molding machine series are injections built around a new rheological process. By heating the polymer to the injection temperature closer to the gate, the technology significantly shortens the time the melt is exposed to high processing temperatures and shear heat, minimizes the melt residence time, and maintains the integrity of the resin. This not only eliminates the problem of material degradation of the runner, but also eliminates the dependence on low-efficiency cold runners. Advantages of small vertical injection molding machine or micro injection molding machine 1. Direct gate plastic parts, no waste cold runner materials or secondary processing 2. High-quality micro parts with perfect filling, cavity duplication and no shrinkage 3. Compared with other miniature molds, lightning-fast cycle time and significantly shortened cooling time 4. Fast, cost-effective prototype molding and low-volume molding 5. Ability to make multiple part designs per shot, each part has Different weights (2 or more) 6. Small footprint, easy to move using horizontal casters 7. Integrated automation, with non-contact parts handling and removal options 8. Powerful and user-friendly machine control with large touch screen Interface 9. Provide clean room options, with servo energy-saving motors, energy-saving and more efficient. It is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the Ru0026D and production of standard vertical injection molding machines, disc injection molding machines, and low-pressure injection molding machines, providing small vertical injection molding machines, Customization and production of medium-sized vertical injection molding machines and large and super large vertical injection molding machines can also provide you with a complete set of injection molding solutions. Our company is located at No. 91 Xinmin Road, Chang'an Town. Welcome to visit and inspect!
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