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Vertical two-color injection molding machine JTT series molding process technology and development analysis?

by:FUHONG     2021-05-31
Plastic two-color products must not only be beautiful in appearance and exquisite design, but also need to quickly meet market demand. Different materials are used on different parts of the plastic two-color products to meet the needs of the environment and achieve the purpose of extending the life, increasing the beauty and practicability. This practical design requirement leads to complicated production technology requirements. The injection molding process of JTT+H two-color two-material injection molding machine and JTT-2V3R two-color vertical turret injection molding machine came into being. In addition to the corresponding technical transformation of the two-color injection molding machine, the skill of mold design is the soul of the entire two-color injection molding technology. The mold is rotated and shifted to achieve the effect of simultaneous injection of different materials. The JTT+H two-color two-material injection molding machine and the JTT-2V3R two-color vertical turret injection molding machine are equipped with more precise mold design and their own requirements. Due to the high variability of dual-material injection molding, to achieve smooth production and meet expectations and ideals, all mold design must be considered simultaneously with product design. More issues to be considered in mold design. Two-color and two-material products are generally made of ABS, PC and other hard plastics and TPE soft plastics, which are suitable for manufacturing tableware, tool handles, watch cases, telephone shells and buttons. This makes injection molding companies technically need to meet three points: the fusion of the two types of materials, the complexity of the product, and the adjustment of the two-color and two-material injection molding machine. In recent years, manufacturers of plastic products in South China have accepted many orders that require two-color and two-material injection molding techniques, which makes two-color and two-material injection molding technology more widely used in China. JTT+H two-color two-material injection molding machine, JTT-2V3R two-color vertical turret injection molding machine, two-color injection molding mainly uses two barrels and two sets of molds to form two-shot products in sequence. Compared with traditional injection molding, the two-material co-injection molding process has the following advantages: 1. The two-color injection molding machine is composed of two sets of plasticizing injection devices with the same structure and specifications. The nozzle should have a special structure according to the production method, or be equipped with two sets of forming molds with the same structure that can be rotated and transposed. 2. For two-color injection molded plastic products, the melt temperature and injection pressure during injection use higher parameter values. 3. Two-color injection molded plastic products are mostly used in plastics such as polyolefin resins, polystyrene and ABS materials. 4. In the injection molding of two-color plastic products, higher melt temperature, higher mold temperature, higher injection pressure and injection rate are used. In order to ensure the molding quality of the two-color plastic products welded in the mold and injection molded products. 5. Products that can be shaped like marble. From the characteristics and applications of multi-color injection molding and two-material co-injection molding, it can be seen that the traditional injection molding process will gradually be replaced in the future. The innovative injection molding technology of JTT+H two-color two-material injection molding machine and JTT-2V3R two-color vertical turret injection molding machine not only improve the precision of injection molding process, provide difficult process technology, but also open up the scope of injection molding process. . Innovative injection equipment and manufacturing process can meet the needs of diversified, high-quality, high-value-added two-color and two-material products. Recommended reading: JTT-850 standard vertical injection molding machine injection process molding principle and injection process?
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