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Vertical injection molding machine operating procedures

by:FUHONG     2021-05-28
Vertical injection molding machine is a kind of machine for shaping plastics. It can process and shape plastics. It is a very common machine in plastics processing. The main operation procedure of the vertical injection molding machine is relatively simple. First, the nozzle advances to the corresponding position, and then the barrel is injected, and the plastic material is injected to maintain the pressure. Secondly, the raw material is pre-shaped, the shape is determined, and the entire shape is consolidated by inverting, and the raw material can be cooled by retracting the nozzle. After cooling, the entire plastic begins to form, and then the mold can be opened and the raw materials can be ejected at the same time. Finally, it is necessary to close the mold and then complete the entire production process. The main operating items of the vertical injection molding machine also include the control and operation of the keyboard, as well as the knowledge of the corresponding electrical control cabinet operation technology and the operation of the hydraulic system. Because the pressure, speed, type and other related operations involved in the process of injecting raw materials are closely related to the above items. At the same time, the control of the temperature in the barrel and the adjustment and monitoring of current and voltage require the operator to have a certain knowledge and operating technology of the relevant vertical injection molding machine. Recommended reading: Vertical injection molding machine manipulator
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