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Vertical injection molding machine manipulator

by:FUHONG     2021-05-28
Vertical injection molding machine manipulators have been widely used in various industries. The following describes the benefits of vertical injection molding machine manipulators: 1. The vertical injection molding machine manipulator saves labor and reduces the work force of workers. 2. High safety: There is a danger of pinching your hands when picking up products or nozzles manually, and using a vertical injection molding machine manipulator can ensure safe production. 3. Improve efficiency: Based on the injection cycle time, the production efficiency of the vertical injection molding machine manipulator is higher than the manual efficiency. 4. Stable output: The use of robots can fix the production time of each mold and increase the yield. 5. Improve quality: the vertical injection molding machine manipulator takes parts, the clamping time is fixed, and the mold temperature is normal, which can reduce the product defect rate. 6. Prevent mold damage: If the product or nozzle is not successfully taken out manually, the mold will be damaged if the mold is closed. If the robot arm of the vertical injection molding machine fails to take out the product or nozzle parts, it will automatically alarm and stop, preventing mold damage. 7. Get rid of the inertia of manual operation: No matter whether the day shift or night shift, the workers will have a sense of inertia and fatigue when working for a long time, and extend the opening and closing time when picking up the parts. Using the vertical injection molding machine manipulator can get rid of the inertia and fatigue of manual operation, and there is no need to worry that the absence of workers will affect the normal production of the factory, and it will not affect the productivity due to the loss of talents. 8. Improve competitiveness: Use vertical injection molding machine manipulators to enhance corporate image, ensure quality, and accurately calculate output. At the same time, the competitive advantage of the enterprise will be improved virtually. 9. Scope of application: suitable for plastic molding products, such as toys, mobile phone shells, preforms, auto parts, light guide plates, clock gears, etc. In short, from the perspective of price, the vertical injection molding machine manipulator is more expensive than labor in a short period of time, but in terms of long-term benefits, it is already your best choice. Recommended reading: Battery connector vertical injection molding machine injection molding process solution
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