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Vertical injection molding machine injection solution

by:FUHONG     2021-06-27
Office equipment stapler is a very commonly used product, and its shell is mostly made of plastic injection molding. The raw materials used for injection molding on the market are: ABS, PP, PVC, PET, PA66, PA6, PBT, PC, several plastic raw materials. The injection molding program is hot runner or cold runner injection. Standards can be selected according to different injection materials and needs. Machine vertical injection molding machine or disc vertical injection molding machine for injection. In terms of mold selection, you need to choose side-entry, shallow-entry, point-entry injection molding, and the tonnage of vertical injection molding is optional: 85T, 120T, and 160T models are available. Standard machine recommended standard machine's injection molding clamping force tonnage can be selected: 85T, 120T, 160T, 200T four models, according to the size of the injection product and the injection volume required by the mold to determine the model. Generally speaking, the larger the injection size, the greater the injection volume, and the larger the machine tonnage is required. Large-tonnage machines have more injection volume. Injection volume description: 85T-》1-250g, 120T-》321g, 160T-》469g. The 85T and 120T models are the most suitable for conventional use. They are suitable for injection molding of smaller office stapler housings. Disc machine recommendation The recommendation of disc machine is mainly to improve the production efficiency of customers. Disc machines are also available in 85T, 120T and 160T. The parameters are basically the same. The difference is that the injection method is disc injection, which can accommodate multiple molds. Improve the efficiency of injection molding production. The characteristics of injection molding using ABS, PP, PVC, PET, PA66, PA6, PBT and PC are the characteristics of good chemical stability and not easy to deform after molding. If the injection volume is large, the injection molding can be improved by using one mold with multiple cavities, such as one injection with four, four finished products at a time, or one injection with six.
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