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Vertical injection molding machine for new energy vehicle battery DC converter

by:FUHONG     2021-06-14
Recently, the new energy automobile industry has skyrocketed again. One after another, big players stepped into the door of new energy automobiles. Xiaomi and Huawei rushed to enter the game, driving the upstream and downstream industries to follow the skyrocketing. Obviously, the domestic new energy automobile industry is a big outlet. Today, I will introduce a 160-ton vertical injection molding machine dedicated to DC converters for new energy vehicles. What is a DC converter? The DC converter is also called the battery converter, and it is an indispensable converter for electric vehicles. Because the voltage of the rechargeable battery of electric vehicles is as high as hundreds of volts, the DC-DC converter can reduce the voltage of the battery to 14V and provide it to the lead storage battery. . The DC converter uses PBT compound. The 160-ton vertical injection molding machine has an injection volume of up to 570g, a clamping force of 160T, plus a turntable design, and a manipulator to achieve fully automatic production, reducing labor costs and greatly increasing productivity.
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