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Vertical injection molding machine for automobile sealing strip

by:FUHONG     2021-06-10
Automobile sealing strips are an important part of automobiles. They are generally used in windows, doors, trunks and sunroofs, etc., mainly for sound insulation and waterproofing. In the early days, the production technology of sealing strips was not developed. Most of them used plastic or natural rubber. The color was mainly black and the style was single. Due to technical reasons, the early sealing strips only valued the sealing performance of the product during production, and rarely paid attention to the safety, durability and aesthetics of the sealing strips. With the improvement of people’s living standards, cars are no longer an unattainable luxury, and have become an important means of transportation for people. The number of cars in China is increasing every year, which has also greatly promoted car-related issues. The development of enterprises, especially the manufacturers of sealing strips, the early sealing strips are far from meeting the aesthetic standards of modern people. Therefore, the sealing strips have been constantly updated and iterated over the years. How to choose a vertical injection molding machine for automobile seals? Most of the current sealing strips use FLS fluorosilicone rubber. The sealing strips produced from this material are far superior to other types of sealing strips in oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance and sealing performance, and the sound insulation effect is also very significant. In the process of use, it can play the role of shock absorption and waterproof, and there will be no leakage in heavy rain, which greatly improves the comfort of the car, and has the effect of UV protection, and it will not fall off in high temperature weather. To produce this high-quality sealing strip, you can choose our JTT-450C column-free vertical injection molding machine, which is a customized model for the production of sealing strips. The injection is high-pressure, high-speed, and more suitable for special forming. Vertical mold clamping, vertical injection, and the body without guide pillars are more convenient for special long strip embedding and removal operations, or installation of automatic configuration, so that cooperative customers have more machine options. Product sample image
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