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Vertical injection molding machine disc machine for shoes

by:FUHONG     2021-05-21
Most shoe soles on the market are made of plastic and rubber, which are not only wear-resistant, resistant to folding, but also very comfortable. In contrast, the quality of rubber soles is better than that of plastic soles. I won’t talk more about the materials today, because there are many types of rubber, and there are many types of synthetic rubber. The color of the soles can be monochromatic or multi-color. There are also injection molding machines that use single and multi-color colors. It is not the same, so the disc vertical injection molding machine for shoes is best to use the two-color two-material disc vertical injection molding machine, and the mechanical JTT-2V3R two-color two-material vertical injection molding machine. JTT-2V3R two-color two-material vertical injection molding machine. This model can inject two colors and use two materials. Usually shoes for aesthetics, we start with color. As consumers, we always look at styles when shopping online. , Color, and then consider comfort. This two-color two-material disc vertical injection molding machine just meets the manufacturer’s requirements for color diversity and the combination of multiple materials. As we all know, a shoe sole is easy to wear on the heel part, which has a lot of personal walking posture. It's a big relationship, what our manufacturers have to do is to increase the wear resistance and comfort of the shoes. The characteristics of the JTT-2V3R two-color two-material vertical injection molding machine: vertical clamping, vertical injection, material change, easy and simple color change, uniform mixing, and rapid heating. Different injection unit combinations can be selected according to the injection weight requirements of the product, so as to achieve the highest production efficiency and the lowest energy loss. It is suitable for one-time molding of two-color or two-material products with inserts. The multi-station disc design improves the production efficiency of the factory, stable rotation, accurate positioning, removal of finished products, and easy and convenient insertion of accessories. The injection system can be used alone, and can inject two-color or two-material products into one piece. In addition to producing shoes, it can also produce a variety of products, such as the new energy automobile industry, toothbrushes, trademarks, various accessories, bicycle or electric car handles, etc.
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