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Understand the practicality of C-type vertical injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2021-06-30
1. The C-type vertical injection molding machine is now used more frequently, and it is a cost-effective injection molding machine. The biggest advantage of the vertical machine compared to the horizontal machine is the small footprint. Of course, this is reflected on the surface, after all, the injection and clamping devices of the vertical injection molding machine are on the same centerline. Vertical mold clamping, which is impossible for a horizontal machine. 2. The C-type vertical injection molding machine is also easy to insert and mold, and the operation is also very simple. Put the mold on the top, and then position the insert. It can be said to be a very user-friendly design. And there is no machine pillar blocking, the mold can be opened on four sides, so it is very convenient whether it is taken out or embedded. Moreover, all the weight of the mold of the C-type vertical injection molding machine is supported by a horizontal template, so that it will not fall forward due to the neutrality of the mold like a horizontal machine. In this way, the accuracy of the mold is guaranteed. At the same time, the C-type vertical injection molding machine can be equipped with a simple manipulator, so that all the cavities of the plastic parts can be taken out. This method is very useful for those who need precise molding. 3. The tiger-mouth frame of the C-type machine is made of steel and has good performance. Generally, the clamping force can reach at least 35T, and the high can reach 85T. The two-cylinder system used in the C-type vertical injection molding machine, in this way, the injection pressure and torque are very high. For small batch production, the C-type vertical injection molding machine is a good choice. Not only can it realize automatic molding production, the temperature distribution can also be guaranteed to be uniform, the production cost is also low, and the mold structure of the machine is simple and very It's easy to understand, so it's more convenient to disassemble. The center of gravity of the machine is also low. As soon as the center of gravity is low, the earthquake resistance is good. So many people using this kind of vertical machine are for this reason.
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