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Ultra-thin fast-food box dedicated high-speed injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2020-09-08
Now is the Internet era of rapid development, food and beverage industry is now facing reshuffle, as Meituan, hungry, please, for baidu take-away, and many other network platform and the rise of popular, traditional sales mode are emerging network delivery take up most of the market, while the ultra-thin packing boxes are all the rage, become indispensable to the restaurant industry plastic containers fast-moving consumer goods. At the same time also brings to the production of ultra-thin snack box manufacturers certain market capacity. So, if you ask what kind of injection molding machine production of ultra-thin packing box need? The answer is: high speed injection molding machine. Then I will tell us what features of high speed injection molding machine with the mechanical production to meet the production of ultra-thin box? First: high speed as the name implies high speed injection molding machine must have the characteristics of high speed. A high quality of high speed machine must dominate in the injection speed, injection molding machine can be called quality. Like other injection molding machine a mold production time need 30 s, and our high speed machine needs 20 s, so, in the injection molding process, not only save the injection cost, improved the production efficiency. Second: high precision, the advantage of high precision injection was, in the process of injection molding, basic can do per cavity injection quantity of constant, this feature makes the product scrap rate is greatly reduced. Third, high energy saving: injection also has the characteristics of high energy saving, the energy saving condition under the machine running at a constant speed, with the least amount of power consumption to maintain the machine normal operation at a high speed. Fourth, the high stability: a good machine must possess the characteristics of high stability. Our clients to buy the machine is to make money, the time is of the cost of production, machine often problems, both need to take a large part of the maintenance costs, and delay the production. So the DKM machine have the characteristics of high stability. Fifth, high safety: injection molding machine is of high dangerous machines, a year playing machine personnel safety accidents are not uncommon, a good high-speed injection molding machine must have the characteristics of high safety, can effectively avoid playing machine personnel safety accidents.
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