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Types of plastic injection molding machines and molding process

by:FUHONG     2021-06-21
Plastic injection molding machine, also known as plastic injection molding machine, is a mechanical instrument that integrates the processing, production, and molding of plastic products. It is mainly used in the production of various plastic products. 1. The process of plastic injection molding machine 1. Preparations before production (preparation for production of raw materials) → 2. Feeding (feeding to the hopper or bin) → 3. The injection molding machine starts to work and the mold is closed (high temperature melts and plasticizes the material) →4. Inject and fill the mold to maintain pressure.→5. Cool and shape.→6. Open the mold (make demoulding and unloading). If you need to continue processing, please return to step 3. If the processing is completed, the unloading process is completed. The figure is shown in Figure 2. Classification of plastic injection molding machines In the industry, the classification of plastic injection molding machines is mainly based on its: use, shape, function, plasticization method, transmission mode, and so on. <1> Classification of use: Thermoplastic injection molding machine Thermoplastic injection molding machine refers to the soft and fluid state when heated, and can be repeatedly plasticized and hardened by cooling. Thermosetting plastic injection molding machine Thermosetting plastic injection molding machine means that it can soften and flow when it is heated for the first time. When heated to a certain temperature, it will cause a chemical reaction to solidify and become hard, and it cannot be plasticized again. <2>, shape classification Vertical vertical plastic molding machine-JT-200 standard vertical injection molding machine The vertical shape is straight, and the injection system and the clamping system are vertical, so we call it vertical. The characteristics are: small size, small floor space, convenient mold assembly and disassembly, and convenient placement of inserts. The horizontal shape is parallel to the ground, and the injection system and the clamping system are parallel. It has a large floor area and heavy weight. Angular Angle Plastic Molding Machine-JC-850R Servo C Vertical Injection Molding Machine The angle shape of the JC-850R servo C vertical injection molding machine is a right-angled shape, and the injection system and the clamping system are right-angled. The main features are: small size, no gate in the center of the workpiece Applicable to trace production and processing products. The above is an explanation of the types of plastic injection molding machines and the molding process. If you have other questions, you can also consult our online customer service. The company provides: vertical plastic injection molding machine, angle plastic injection molding machine, horizontal plastic injection molding Machine, disc plastic injection molding machine, two-color plastic injection molding machine, etc. Recommended reading: mobile phone nano injection molding machine, nano-specific vertical injection molding machine models
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