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Types and characteristics of turntable vertical injection molding machines

by:FUHONG     2021-05-23
The turntable vertical injection molding machine is also called the disc vertical injection molding machine, because its injection and clamping parts are disc type. As for why it is designed as a disc type, there are actually reasons, mainly to improve work efficiency. The turntable vertical injection molding machine can generally be configured with two or three stations, that is, injection molding while clamping and cooling, or even more finely divided. It greatly improves the repetitive work of clamping the mold after the injection of the ordinary standard vertical injection molding machine is completed, which affects the work efficiency. Features of JTT-550R turntable vertical injection molding machine 1. LED computer control, modular design, built-in 66 sets of module molding parameters. 2. Multi-stage pressure control, speed control, improve product manufacturing accuracy. 3. Multi-station, can be customized according to actual needs. 4. The lifting action of the center turret is controlled by linear displacement sensor, and the lifting speed and position can be directly debugged in the operation panel, which is convenient and quick. 5. Large injection volume and large clamping force greatly improve the quality and production efficiency of the produced products. The use of production real shots is suitable for the scope of application of the rotary vertical injection molding machine because of its high efficiency and low energy consumption. The market share is increasing. The injection molding industry is also very extensive, such as common multi-color chips and two-color TPU soles. , Two-color handles, two-color straps and other plastic products such as two-color, multi-color and hard rubber encapsulated products. Recommended reading: JTT+H two-color two-material disc vertical injection molding machine, multi-color multi-material disc vertical injection molding machine recommendation
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