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Trousers sweater backpack rope rope injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2021-05-25
In our daily life, we often see that the pants, hats and sportswear we wear are decorated with ropes or there are ropes to be tied around the waist. In order to prevent the ropes from being washed off during the washing process, there will be a rope at both ends of the rope. The head is fixed to prevent the rope from being pulled out. There are many kinds of materials for this kind of rope. Generally, it is mainly made of plastic, of course, there are also metal. In order to highlight the individuality of the clothes, the rope will have a unique design to make the clothes fashionable overall. Generally, we use injection molding machines to produce such rope heads. Because inserts are needed, the rope is put into the mold and injection molded together, so we choose more vertical injection molding machines. According to the material used, we choose the model It is also different. Some use silica gel to make the rope, then we will use the special equipment for injection molding silica gel-JTT-850DM liquid silica gel special machine. If you are using other plastic materials, you will have more choices, and you must consider factors such as single station or multi-station, single-color or double-color. For conventional single-color plastic rope heads, we can choose JTT-550 standard vertical injection molding machine or JTT-850R disc vertical injection molding machine to produce, adding disc design can greatly improve production efficiency. If it is a two-color plastic rope head, the selected model will be different. According to the customer's budget and product requirements, different solutions will be given, in order to meet the customer's budget and to better meet the customer's production needs and improve the equipment The cost-effectiveness is the direction that Machinery Co., Ltd. has been working hard. Not only the price-performance ratio must be high, but also the after-sales service cannot be less. A 24-hour response system is adopted to ensure that customer service problems are solved anytime and anywhere, and the most perfect service is provided to customers in the first time. Technical support reflects the service concept of the machinery company, with equal emphasis on three services: pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale. ① Pre-sales: Provide technical consultation on knowledge of plastics, machinery, molds, etc.; help customers choose models and auxiliary equipment based on products; provide constructive suggestions for customers' machine layout, installation, mold manufacturing, and selection of plastic raw materials . ② On sale: When the mechanical product and equipment arrive at the customer, we will debug the qualified product for the customer, explain the internal connection between the plastic, the machine and the mold, and the matters needing attention, and provide the customer with machine use training. ③ After-sales service: provide customers with the best process parameters for various molds; solve difficult problems in various plastic processes for customers; provide reasonable suggestions for the improvement of customers' machines and molds; train process technicians for customers. ④ Sufficient parts supply: guarantee to provide sufficient and reasonably priced parts, and reply to parts or repair quotations within 8 hours.
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