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Troubleshooting of standard vertical injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2021-06-12
Basic phenomenon: Machinery is a manufacturer focusing on the research and development of standard vertical injection molding machines, vertical disc injection molding machines, and low pressure injection molding machines. When the molten material flows through narrow areas such as nozzles, gates and runners at high speed, and suddenly enters an open, relatively wide area, the molten material will bend and advance like a snake along the flow direction, and quickly after contact with the mold surface cool down. If this part of the material cannot be well fused with the resin that subsequently enters the cavity, it will cause obvious flow lines on the surface of the product. Under certain conditions, the resin will be ejected from the nozzle at a relatively low temperature at the beginning. Before it touches the cavity surface, the viscosity of the resin becomes very large, so a serpentine flow is produced. As the higher temperature melt continues to enter the cavity, the initial material is squeezed to a deeper position in the mold, thus leaving a taste pattern. Reasons: 1. The material impact is small; 2. The impact of the machine includes: unreasonable gate position and type design, too small size; too small size of the runner; 3. The influence of the process includes: the injection speed is too large; the injection The pressure is too high; the melt temperature is too low; the mold temperature is too low. In the molding process of plastic products, various molding defects will occur. Machinery, focusing on the research and development of standard vertical injection molding machines, vertical disc injection molding machines and low pressure injection molding machines. Products are in accordance with European plastic and rubber machinery manufacturers The specification design, manufacture and assembly of the United Association. It has the advantages of high rigidity, strong clamping force, high injection pressure, precision and durability.

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