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Toggle the research significance of hydraulic injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2020-10-08
With the further development of the plastics industry, plastic industry shows its strong vitality. Due to plastic products with its many advantages, such as corrosion resistance, good insulation, small coefficient of thermal conductivity, good processing properties, etc. , are widely used in electrical equipment industry, household appliances industry, transportation, machinery, instruments, defense industry, medical and health care. Plastic products production and processing is an important part of the plastics industry development. Injection molding machine is the production of plastic products processing equipment existed in the early 1930 s. In recent years, along with the economy development, the use of the plastic products gradually extended to all areas, from daily life and industrial use, plastics have everywhere, and the demand for injection molding machine is increasing rapidly. In the context of a wide variety of injection molding machine on the market at present, dosage the biggest, the most widely toggle hydraulic injection molding machine the most representative. Toggle hydraulic injection molding machine has the following advantages: ( 1) Mold moving speed, in the process of the mold movement speed change is bigger, and fast speed, high efficiency; ( 2) Toggle clamping mechanism can magnify the clamping force, opening, overcome the mold parting surface will produce additional clamping force, and to allow proper work overload, short time to ensure the mold locking; ( 3) The symmetry of hyperbolic toggle clamping mechanism ensures the parallelism of mechanics, but also improve the mechanism of system stiffness; ( 4) Have a good self-locking; ( 5) Under the same size and movement rate, toggle clamping of the advantages of lower in energy consumption to toggle hydraulic injection molding machine become the object of the plastic manufacturers favor, but with the rapid change of plastic industry, people put forward high request about the quality of the plastic products, more demanding on the performance of the injection molding machine. Toggle hydraulic injection molding machine mould vibration and noise has been plagued by injection molding machine manufacturers and plastics manufacturers. This problem has become the focus of injection molding machine at home and abroad research field closely, to solve this problem is not only beneficial to upgrade the work reliability of the injection molding machine, and further enhance the reputation of the injection molding machine in China, the injection molding machine can compete with the rest of the world, more can improve the overall technical level of domestic injection molding machine industry, the production to create 'energy saving, precision and high efficiency' toggle hydraulic injection molding machine, has very important theoretical significance and practical significance. DKM injection molding machine for 'energy saving, precision and high efficiency' toggle hydraulic injection molding machine were studied in terms of noise and vibration are made great improvement and improve, DKM has a variety of 'energy saving, precision and high efficiency' toggle hydraulic injection molding machine, such as: PET/PVC/high speed precision composite toggle/oil electric hydraulic injection molding machine, tonnage sv from 180 to 4000 tons, for customers to choose.
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