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To reduce the cycle time of injection mold

by:FUHONG     2020-09-27
Reduce the cycle time of injection mold injection mold cycle time helps to reduce the production cost. It can make injection molding machine at the same time under the condition of same energy production more products. But how to do ability to reduce the cycle time of injection mold? In accordance with the following steps to reduce the cycle time of injection mold and injection become more efficient. 1, using high-speed injection molding machine, injection molding machine injection step melt plastics, injection molding, open mold, mold closing and ejection products etc. Function of injection molding machine itself is one of the most important factors to affect the cycle time of injection molding, high speed injection molding machine has many advantages in terms of speed. 2, to ensure that the mold structure is simple and straightforward, in other words, to mold the design difficulty of less as far as possible. Most of the mold can use different methods to carry on the design, and mold release can also have a variety of ways. Simplify the mold design can reduce the cycle time of injection mold. 3, to plastic mold using the best cooling system, use cold water to mold for cooling, in addition to mold injection molding takes time, also have a lot of cooling cycle time. So, using the low temperature of cooling water and cooling water through quickly help to reduce the cycle time of injection mold cooling system. The above three points are the main factors influencing the cycle time of injection mold, optimizing these factors can reduce the cycle time of injection mold, decreases the cost of production. If you want to learn more about injection molds, cycle time, please contact us.

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