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Three-axis linkage of high-speed injection molding machine?

by:FUHONG     2020-09-21
In the plastic product rapid development today, how to save cost so as to achieve greater market share is the focus of each big plastic products factory. Raw material prices continue to rise, artificial cost is rising every year, which makes plastic parts cost is high, so, the most significant cost reduction method is to speed up the injection molding, increase the output of per unit time, and from technology reduce the cost of injection molding. To speed up the whole injection process, can start from two aspects. First: mold, increase the cost of the mold, improve the mould flow design and waterway design and makes the plastic inside the mold cooling of rapid prototyping. The second: machine, high-speed injection molding machine, the time required to reduce the injection molding cycle. High speed injection molding machine to reduce molding cycle has the following several kinds of practice: a: injection speed: the electric motor and pump, or add accumulator. 2: feeding speed: the motor, or charging hydraulic motor changes little, accelerate the screw rotation speed. More than three: loop system: adopting double circuit or circuit design, as a simultaneous composite action, shorten the molding time. Independent research and development of the oil electricity compound high-speed machine motor not only increase, also increased the accumulator. Aspects by electric motor feeding material, screw speed than the same PuTongJi big on 100 r/min. More can be done three-axis linkage, greatly save cycle.
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