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Thin-walled snack box injection molding machine is what?

by:FUHONG     2020-09-09
Has been committed to for the general customers tailored packaging form a complete set of production plan, in order to adapt to the plastic packaging container parenchyma, the fast rate of molding and mass production of industry trends, injection molding machine for more than ten years manufacturing experience, developed a higher ratio of thin-wall injection molding machine, it has high speed and products molding precision injection, the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection. High speed machine is concise and beautiful appearance, with advanced and highly scientific and technological content of production technology, the combination of 5 h design concept for thin-wall vessel production for high efficiency and low cost of double benefit. 1, all the response speed of the motor, injection of fast response, high speed; 2, all actions are closed loop control, high repeat precision, stable operation; 3, can open mould stripping a simultaneous storage material, shorten the molding cycle, improve production efficiency; 4, special screw, present a higher plasticizing capability. 5, high rigid clamping structure to achieve the requirements of high speed and high pressure, to prolong the life of the mold, greatly improve the accuracy of products; 6, wide application range, All kinds of high precision parts of) And suitable for enterprise long-term development.
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