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Thin-wall plastic injection molding

by:FUHONG     2020-09-10
White: 1, apparent material have not melt particles near the head. For thin wall products is impossible to obtain smooth surface. Physical reasons due to the thin wall products production molding cycle is short, so must be conducted at high rotational speed of screw plasticization in molten material of the screw cylinder within the residual time shortened. When touching the thin-walled products production, usually including PE, PP, mold the unions try to decrease the temperature of molten material to shorten the cooling time, not completely melted particles can be injected into the mould. Reason related to the processing parameters and the improvement measures to see the table below: 1, the melt temperature is too low to increase material barrel temperature, screw speed 2 is too high to reduce the screw rotation speed 3 and screw back pressure is too low, increase the screw back pressure 4, short cycle time, the liquid in the cylinder inside short time prolong the cycle time of residual reasons related to the design and improvement measures to see the table below: 1, the unreasonable screw geometry the geometry of screw injection molding machine is ( Including measuring shear zone) , with the most perfect ratio L/D screw length to diameter ratio, guarantee the plasticizing fully 2, cheap cylinder or ordinary cylinder, selects the superior ceramic heating coil temperature beating large injection molding machine, the temperature stability of 3, blindly increasing the motor power, lead to the screw rotation speed instability. Three axis injection molding machine adopts Italian U Luo Erxi servo motor, more accurate position control.
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