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Thin wall injection molding machine is what?

by:FUHONG     2020-09-09
Thin wall injection molding machine ( 1) Thin wall injection molding machine for plastic thin wrapper class products and development of new products, widely used in thin walled containers, takeout containers, medical products, such as application fields, has many characteristics, such as high efficiency, stability, energy saving, clean. Working to improve the input-output ratio of the industry, provide system solutions, including mold, auxiliary engine driving industry from extensive to intensive size change. ( 2) Thin-wall injection molding machine accumulator injection technique was used to realize high speed injection molding, in addition, he by triaxial linkage function mould opening store material, mold release, at the same time, greatly shorten the molding cycle. Mainly used in the membrane of the manipulator system in molding, thin walled containers. Such as wall thickness of 0. 4 mm four cavity the disposable fast-food containers, molding cycle is 3. 5 seconds. ( 3) Thin-wall injection molding machine adopts KEBL and Rexroth servo valve control system, not only can accurately control the quality of the each module as well as the location, at the same time can also reduce the forming error, to obtain high precision molding. ( 4) Thin-walled injection molding by further strengthening the rigidity of clamping system make the template deformation small, very suitable for the size of the thin wall products even have strict requirements, and improve the mold stress, provide better protection for the mold; The optimized machine hinge characteristics, make the process more stable movement, suitable for rapid application; Shoot glue system adopts single cylinder structure, the structure is compact, inertia small, significantly increased the shoot glue accuracy, ensure high precision products molding; High strength of frame base to increase the stability of the machine running.
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