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Thin-wall high speed injection molding machine for spare parts what are the requirements?

by:FUHONG     2020-09-09
To introduce the next thin what are the requirements for high speed machine accessories, is how to design the perfect show high speed, precise, energy-saving features. Injection molding machine of high hydraulic pressure oil elastic rigidity, and in particular about 0. 5 s acceleration, it must consider this. Large cylinder piston area, short pipe schedule and help reduce the effects of elastic. High rigid body structure design, a substantial increase in vibration resistance, ensuring process is high speed, smooth operation; Single cylinder injection fuel tank, injection oil cylinder and the screw in a straight line, there is no double oil cylinder synchronization problems, at the same time, reduce the product weight makes the machine change injection speed quick response. Besides oil block installed directly on the actuators, control more accurate and more rapid response. Injection molding machine servo valve servo valve response, faster than general proportional valve, after filling in, turn to the holding stage, maximize utility. If the valve response than will flash that finished product produce burrs. Our thin-walled machine with MOOG servo valve, combining a model more high-speed precise process control, to ensure that the mold safety and stability. Injection molding machine full closed loop control of the servo valve generally cooperate fully closed loop control, the pressure on the holding pressure injection speed and back pressure control. If the whole closed-loop control inspection related variables, The speed or pressure) And set the quantity deviation, will inform the servo valve to make corrections. In short, all the stability of the closed-loop control can improve the injection ( Or repetitive) , to reduce the scrap rate. We adopt KEBA in the design of control system and Moog valve, not only can precisely control the quality of the each module as well as the location, at the same time can also reduce the shape error and obtain high precision forming. Injection molding process of common injection molding machine molding process is: the clamping - — Injection - — Cooling - — The loading - — Open mold - — Joe die - — Clearance time our injection molding machine adopts three-axis linkage function, molding process for: mode-locked - — Injection - — Cooling - — Open mould, Synchronous mode, the loading) — — Interval of time. Reduce the cycle time, both the production efficiency. Plasticizing capacity thin-wall injection molding machines needs to be done in a shorter cycle plasticizing, should enhance the plasticizing capacity of the screw.

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