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The working principle of the variable pump

by:FUHONG     2020-09-26
The bidirectional variable pump is a pump, on the basis of the prime mover of rotation, through the change of institutions such as the variable axial piston pump the tilt direction of inclined plate and compression than displacement method is changed. Realize the injection molding machine hydraulic system from the control valve to the pump shift control, which changes the conventional throttling speed control system for proportional speed control system, control performance index of the engine has a new improve and enhance. To be specific, the proportional variable pump system, besides has the advantages of the conventional proportional control system has the following advantages: more of the same power machine, injection speed can be increased by 25% or more, more fit requirement of thin-wall precision injection. Due to the common PQ system power calculation on the basis of the holding state, proportional variable pump system in this activity is very low power consumption, thus oil pump displacement can be increased by more than 25%. Variable is a variable displacement pump of pump. Variable pump is single action vane pump, the radial or axial plunger pump, plunger pump is widely used in metallurgy, mining, engineering machinery, shipbuilding, civil aviation ground equipment such as hydraulic transmission field. Proportional variable pump system has a good adaptability, the output pressure and flow rate can be consistent with the load demand, the throttling speed control system of flow is solved problems and pressure does not adapt, greatly reduce the energy loss and improve system efficiency, energy saving effect is very obvious, and compared the common quantitative pump + PQ proportional valve system, electricity can be 25 to 45%.
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