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The working principle of the mould to stick mark

by:FUHONG     2020-10-12
Mould labeling process is to label this operation combined with blow molding and injection molding process, dispense with adhesive labels after plastic molding process. In mould labeling process, has been finished printing and die cutting in advance good tag in the form of a single stack, placed on a label box; As the mould opening, by a manipulator a suck up the label, positioning to open mold, label printing surface itself, painted with solid adhesive facing out, and the vacuum negative pressure or electrostatic adsorption to label firmly adsorbed in the mold wall; The closed mold, melting into the mold and molding plastic resin, at this point in the whole mold temperature is higher, also against the young begin to melt and type of container tag solid adhesive and blends into plastic containers; When the mould is opened again, plastic molding, labels and blends into the container, become a part of the molding container. Mould labeling with the traditional labeling biggest difference is the label in a different way. Mould tags are not in a plastic container fully formed in later paste, and forming a complete container. Label will have certain stiffness, ensure no label in the process of passing bending, deformation; Tag to smooth surface, no adhesion between, there can be static, to ensure that the manipulator label every time only adsorption; Tag edge to clean and tidy, both sides can not damage; Printing ink and gloss oil used in the label to stand the test of high pressure and high temperature. If you also want to learn more about mould stick mark information, please contact us, west to give you the most professional solution.
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