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The working principle of the injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2020-09-17
Plastic injection molding machine is made of metal die-casting machine principle of development and its working principle is as follows: the plastic from the hopper into the heated plastic barrel, due to the plastic screw rotation, plastic part will be squeezed, while at the same time by the effect of shear, generate heat, combined with the result of external melt tube heating, plastic along the screw groove is squeezed to melt the front end of the cylinder. At this time, the plastic has become the homogenization of the molten state. Plastic tube front plastic molten state, as the rotation of the screw of the quantity increasing, and has a dynamic reaction on the screw, the screw back. Screw back to the set position, the computer receives a termination signal, screw stop running, complete an injection quantity. ( This process is called measuring process) Clamping part: push the force created by the clamping cylinder clamping rod, acting on the clamping power of the crosshead, due to the effect of amplification of the machine hinge ( Lever principle) , make the template at the beginning of the clamping action, clamping start with low pressure low speed: fast medium voltage complete fast clamping, with clamping stroke the end, the impact velocity pressure reduced quickly, avoid to produce ( Low voltage clamping) , the clamping force is rapid increase, make the mould firmly lock ( High voltage clamping) 。 This process is called mode-locked process. Injection parts: injection oil cylinder piston rod driven plastic screw, make plastic tube front of molten material under the condition of the high pressure into mold cavity of the lock ( Injection process) 。 After pressure maintaining and cooling to finalize the design mould, mould ejection cylinder action, after termination of the products out.
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