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The selection of injection molding machine is how to

by:FUHONG     2020-09-30
Zhejiang machinery co. , LTD is the pioneer of China's injection molding machine research and development and innovation. Continuously improve the injection molding design, and always focus on injection molding machine of improving man-machine interface, high-speed injection molding machine system research and development and stability, precision plastic injection machine filling technology. Product projection area = length ( mm) Wide product X ( mm) / 25. 4²=? ( in²) Products selected the machine clamping force = projection area of clamping force coefficient X material. Basic machine steps: (1) according to the injection molding machine four column width, can put it under the mold; (2) according to the injection molding machine, within the scope of minimum modulus and the maximum modulus of thick thick, generally have the largest machine ground type machine mold thickness, and generally to 20 mm for safety; (3) according to the amount of rubber injection molding machine capacity, amount to acceptance beforehand ( Product weight accounts for about 30% ~ 70% resin injection molding machine standard capacity) ; (4) calculating the projection area, product can conform to the injection molding machine tonnage, must have the advance amount; (5) have special requirements, Such as blowing smoke core) To check the machine will have corresponding program or device. 6. Check the mould locating ring, pumping the nozzle hole depth and whether meet the requirements of the machine ( To order in advance as sometimes need to shot the mouth) 。 All landowners check mold K. O hole position is corresponding to the injection molding machine. Today if mould thimble plate without a slingshot, need stick of tooth top and pull with a machine, to pay attention to whether the machine support. Whatever you just engaged in injection molding industry or have been for many years the industry elite, if there is doubt can feel free to contact the plastic injection machine, we will serve you wholeheartedly! Thank you and we are the most sincere greetings!
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