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The role of the screw in the injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2020-09-09
In the injection molding machine screw machinery co. , LTD. Was set up in recent years, the study found that injection molding machine on the mechanical structure consists of the injection part and clamping part. The function of the injection part is to put the plastic melt and injection mold cavity, the function of the clamping part is to control the mold opening and closing, out products such as all kinds of action. Injection part mainly has two forms: reciprocating piston type and screw type. Piston type injection molding machine has now is rare, reciprocating screw injection molding machine through the screw rotation in the heating barrel, melt solid plastic granule or powder and mixing, in barrel in the front cavity, and then screw down the shaft moves forward, the plastic melt in cavity injection mold cavity. Plasticizing, plastic screw driven screw arris, be compacted in the spiral groove, and accept the machine wall heat transfer, coupled with plastic and plastic, plastic and barrel and screw surface friction heat production, temperature rise gradually to the melting temperature. After melting plastic further mixed, stirred by screw hin along the spiral groove into the front of machine barrel screw and push them back. Injection of plasticizing related parts mainly include: machine barrel, screw, non-return ring, shunt spindle, shoot tip, flange, hopper, etc. The screw is an important part of a plastic injection machine. Its role is to transfer, melting, plastic, mixing and compaction pressure. All of these are through the rotation of the screw inside the barrel. During the screw rotates, the plastic barrel inside, screw screw groove bottom, and push the face as well as plastic and plastic screw arris in produces friction between and mutual movement. Plastic forward is the outcome of this motion combination, and the heat generated by the friction also be absorbed to improve plastic melt temperature and plastic. The structure of the screw will directly affect the degree of these effects. At the same time, the rotation of the screw between the solid bed and the barrel inner surface of the molten film produce shearing action, so that the molten film between the interface of solid and solid bed melting. With the spiral history of the solid bed, the volume of a solid bed gradually narrowed, and the volume of molten pool increase gradually. If the speed of the solid bed thickness decreases below the speed of the screw groove depth becomes shallow, the solid bed may be partially or completely blocked the spiral groove, the plasticizing fluctuations, or due to the partial pressure due to all kinds of plastic melting speed, melt viscosity, melting temperature range, the sensitive degree of viscosity to temperature and shear rate, pyrolysis gas corrosion, plastic, the interparticle friction coefficient difference is very big, usually in the sense of common general screw in processing some more outstanding plastic melt properties for a period of high shear heat occurs phenomenon, this phenomenon & ndash; Can by lowering the screw rotation speed to eliminate. But this is bound to affect the production efficiency. In order to realize efficient plasticizing of these plastic machinery co. , LTD. Has developed a special plastic plasticizing screw and barrel. The special screw and barrel at design time in view of the above is the main problem that the plastic solid friction coefficient, the melt viscosity and melting speed, etc. The screw and barrel temperature, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, completely for the terminal customers solve the chrome plated screw grinding, the corrosion characteristic.

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