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The principle of injection molding of Bakelite injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2021-06-02
1. Injection molding principle of Bakelite injection molding machine. Add granular or powdered plastic into the hopper of the injection machine. The plastic is heated and melted in the Bakelite injection molding machine to keep it flowing, and then injected into the closed mold under a certain pressure. After cooling and shaping, the molten plastic solidifies Become the required plastic parts. 2. Injection molding characteristics of Bakelite injection molding machine. Bakelite injection molding machine has a short production cycle and high productivity. Injection molding can produce plastic parts with complex shapes, high size requirements and various inserts, which is difficult to achieve by other plastic molding methods. Secondly, the injection molding of Bakelite injection molding machine is easy to achieve automation in the production process, such as injection, demolding, and gate removal. Operation processes such as injection, demolding, and gate removal can all be automated, so injection molding has been widely used. ①. Advantages of bakelite injection molding machine injection molding: short molding cycle, high production efficiency, easy to realize automation, can form complex shapes, precise dimensions, plastic parts with metal or non-metal inserts, stable product quality, and wide application range ②. Bakelite injection molding machine injection molding disadvantages: Bakelite injection molding machine injection molding equipment is relatively expensive; injection mold structure is complex; high production cost, long production cycle, not suitable for single-piece and small-batch production of plastic parts. 3. The application of bakelite injection molding machine. Except for a few thermoplastics (fluoroplastics), almost all thermoplastics can be produced by injection molding using Bakelite injection molding machines. Bakelite injection molding machine injection molding is not only used for the molding of thermoplastics, but also has been successfully used for the molding of thermoset plastics. At present, its molded products account for 20-30% of all current plastic products. In order to further expand the scope of injection molded plastic parts, the mechanical bakelite injection molding machine product research and development center has also developed some special bakelite injection molding machine models that are specially used for molding plastic parts with special performance or special structural requirements, such as: JTT-550 vertical Bakelite injection molding machine, JTT-550R disc bakelite injection molding machine, etc. Such as precision injection of high-precision plastic parts, multi-color injection of composite color plastic parts, sandwich injection of sandwich plastic parts composed of different materials inside and outside, and injection compression molding of optically transparent plastic parts, etc., are all suitable. Recommended reading: BMC injection molding machine, BMC molding machine. DMC injection molding machine, DMC molding machine, Bakelite injection molding machine, BMC injection molding machine
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