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The parameters of the injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2020-10-06
First when buying a injection molding machine according to their own weight to produce products to selecting the appropriate injection amount, and then according to the size of the mould to match the corresponding clamping force of injection molding machine tonnage, as for the screw diameter size general factory has a corresponding standard. When we tonnage injection molding and product weight roughly identified later, choose the injection molding machine manufacturer is about to begin, a lot of people go to the factory to the catalogue of basic look not to understand, today I will give you spread injection molding machine under the meaning of each parameter in the catalog: resin shot: a shot of PS volume or quality, you just need to choose your product weight is right. Shoot rubber speed: the time required to complete a shoot rubber, time the sooner the better, of course, but the general injection molding machine has a limit. Melt ability: the quality of the molten plastic in 1 hour. Clamping force: lock the mold, the force unit tons, can lock the mould not opened. The time needed for a forming: the shorter, the better. Power consumption: the lower the better, general machine adopts full servo control system, energy saving is very low. Template and the strength of the pull rod, do not use with the break, even break. Life: good injection molding machine used ten years depreciation by 50% when used to sell, can also be bad? 5 years or so. If hydraulic press depends on whether the leak sealing ring is bad, often spill will affect the precision. The life of the screw, the screw is wearing parts, often should change. The speed of PLC, the sooner the better. Hydraulic solenoid valve is also very important, the response of the high-end quickly. Durability of tubing.
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