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The parameters of the injection molding machine is what?

by:FUHONG     2020-09-22
Main technical parameters of injection molding machine explained in detail main parameters are: injection molding mould clamping force and maximum injection volume, maximum modulus of thick, move the travel distance, the distance between the bar and ejection stroke and the ejection pressure, etc. 1. Clamping force: products projection area by mold cavity pressure and mold clamping force or less, P P QF cavity pressure; 2. Biggest injection quantity: goods weight < biggest injection quantity. Products is the measure of the injection weight = * 75 ~ 85% 3. Injection molding machine equipment mould thickness: injection molding machine device thickness have the largest minimum interval between two points. The maximum thickness injection mold; Maximum modulus thick; Mold minimum modulus of thick; Injection molding machine minimum modulus 4 thick. Move mould stroke: mold cavity distance = mold thickness + products thickness + + take out distance products space. That is the distance between the mould < move mould schedule. 5. The distance between the pull rod: is to install mold position; Mould: length * width pull rod distance 6 or less. Ejection stroke and pressure: < ejection distance and pressure injection molding machine ejection stroke and pressure servo energy-saving injection molding machine this series of machine adopts high performance servo drive control system, drive the oil pump as power supply of the machine, with high response, energy saving, low noise, the advantages of high control accuracy, to achieve a breakthrough in electric servo and hydraulic drive technology perfect union. General-purpose injection molding machine, suitable for production of turnover box, tray, furniture, home appliances and car bumper, inner decoration, general commodity products. Can also according to customer's special demand, customized special type machine. Special custom classes such as: PET/PVC plastic injection machine.
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