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The 'mystique' of the high-speed injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2020-09-05
With global market competition intensifies, more and more plastic enterprises face more severe competition environment, to the requirement of equipment and products and the production capacity is becoming more and more high. Like a lot of need to use the fast-food containers, disposable crisper, coffee cup, drink a cup, and so on, because these products is closely related to People's Daily life, business owners looking for equipment, also hope to find to have faster speed, higher yield of high speed injection molding machine. Each business owners hope to find good performance, high safety, injection speed of high speed injection molding machine, but not necessarily know what high speed injection molding machine is the core concept, as well as the origin of the high speed. In the China's high-end equipment providers Dakumar high-speed injection molding machine to them. The secrets of fast high-speed injection molding machine mainly comes from the 2 points: 1: three-axis linkage: differences and usual standard machine or servo machine, Dakumar high-speed machine is there are three of the servo motor, it can be cool - The loading - Mould in the same time, Three motor is running at the same time when the synchronous action, other time is their work order) This link compared with ordinary machine can save the time of up to more than 5 s. 2: high speed injection: common injection molding machine injection pressure usually is 100 - 160, maximum injection speed: 100 mm/s, high-speed injection molding machine and Dakumar increased hydraulic nitrogen equipment, injection pressure can reach 2000 / kg/cm&sup 3; Is the 2 - PuTongJi Three times, the lowest injection rate is: 400 mm/s, at more than four times the rate of PuTongJi, this can save time than PuTongJi can reach more than 3 times. Of course, you don't have to worry about such a high pressure and fast speed, for the wastage of the machine and safety, Dakumar change bigger, more solid and stable machine large column, effectively guarantee the stability of the machine runs fast and security. Above all is Dakumar high-speed injection molding machine high speed, high security, high stability of the mystery, and the remaining two outstanding performance, for small make up to share with you next time. If you are understand the related information of high-speed injection molding machine, welcome to contact us!

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