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The meaning of double color plastic injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2020-09-26
Double color injection molding machine as the name suggests one injection molding machine can play two kinds of color, background of machine technology is A double color mould, respectively, with two different properties as A/B or color of the plastic injection molding mould of double or double color products. Injection molding products mould, such as double color cup, double color chips; Existing technology of double color mould applies only to double color injection molding machine for molding double or double color injection molding products, in order to identify the existing technology of double color mould called two-color machine, double color mould; Expensive due to the double color injection molding machine, investment big, injection molding, small and medium enterprises, unable to maintain a high operating costs and double color injection molding machine production, in double color injection molding products of the production cost is high, moreover double-color mould rotating disks in order to cooperate with double color injection molding machine working and structure of the mould complex high cost, so the existing technologies exist large investment, high costs, injection molding, small and medium enterprises are unable to produce problems and deficiencies. Double color mould by double color injection molding machine for injection molding. Mold for 2, after the former mode also has 2. ( The two former structure is essentially the same. ) After the injection molding machine mould installation position parallel installation after two mould, mould installation department 2 before the mould. Double color injection molding machine has 2 shoot tip ( Two gun barrel) Two dryer, form a complete set, 2 kinds of molding material. Double color injection molding machine injection molding process: after clamping production for the first time, after the mold in color products. After mold opening mold, die after rotated 180 degrees. ( After the two mode switch position) After the second clamping production, another material shot into the cavity, cavity after, you can see there are two kinds of color products. As The Times progress and future human aesthetic of valuable things improve, double color injection molding machine of the outlook for the market to be reckoned with in the future.
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