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The main points of the precision injection molding machine difference with normal injection molding machine is what

by:FUHONG     2020-09-10
What are the typical features of precision injection molding machine difference with normal injection molding machine? The characteristics of precision injection molding machine is: the size of the injection molding product requirement of high precision, small tolerance, wall thickness. And to do the requirements of precision injection conditions must be met: ( 1) Mould material is better, rigid, cavity, core dimension precision and higher position precision and accuracy between template, lower surface roughness. ( 2) To adopt advanced precision injection molding machine. ( 3) To adopt suitable for precision forming process. ( 4) Want to choose the material is suitable for precision injection molding process. Commonly used precision injection molding materials have several: POM, POM = CF ( Carbon fiber) 、PNM=GF( The glass fiber) ,爸爸 FRPA66 ( Enhanced PA) And PC, etc. Usually guaranteed in the process of precision injection molding pieces of size precision of the method, the problem is to control the shrinkage of injection molded parts, including: thermoplastic plastic, thermal shrinkage, shrinkage, disguised to compressed shrinkage and shrinkage and elastic recovery. Common injection molding features are: precision is not high, the size of injection molding products are typically can be assembled into standard, requirements for the appearance of the injection molded parts is relatively high, when necessary, may use the second processing ( Such as injection, polishing) To improve the appearance of defects. Ordinary injection molding don't need to use special precision injection molding machine, also do not need to specially designated materials, general common thermoplastics can be used to production. So ordinary injection molding technology is widely used in modern plastic industry. In more than ten year after year to provide customers in the injection molding service, 5 h high-speed injection molding machine got very fast development. Combined with customer feedback and Suggestions, the designer for the optimization of machine and system have a more comprehensive development. Injection molding machine 5 h the introduction of Germany advanced technology. 5 h injection molding machine is a new hybrid machine, suitable for thin wall products. 5 h refers to: high speed, high stability, high precision, high energy saving, high security. If you are looking for a high-speed injection molding machine, precision injection molding machine will be your best choice!

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