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The lubrication characteristics of injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2020-09-11
General machine is made by injection system, the clamping device, frame, transmission, hydraulic and electrical devices such as a mix of main components. In the process of injection molding, injection molding machine has both of rotary machinery equipment, lines and spiral movement, also have the transmission of kinetic energy of hydraulic equipment, as well as thermal energy conversion of the electric heating device, thus giving lubrication work put forward more requirements. For injection molding machine lubrication, of course, we can according to the movement way, respectively, follow the mechanical equipment, hydraulic equipment and electric heating equipment lubrication of general principles, but some of the parts ( For example: the injection parts and transmission, etc. ) Just need comprehensive consideration, adopt the method of mixed lubrication. A, manual or semi-automatic plastic injection moulding machine lubrication. Lubrication of gear transmission gearbox of any failure will affect the machining quality and the quantity. The box through a spur gear hardening and tempering shaft shall ensure that the oil film of uniform and reliable, generally USES oil cup and splash lubrication method can meet the lubrication requirements. 2. Injection parts lubrication of injection parts is used by electric heating circle, make plastic heated evenly at the temperature of the injection, formed by pressure feeding rod coil compression molding pressure. Pressure lubrication material rod generally is to use oil cup, wick lubrication method, etc. 3. Clamping part of the lubrication clamping parts by pulley, screw, nut, vice, etc. Adjust the vise on the side of the collision block position to match the trip switch on the base, control screw feeding schedule, make vise to open mold and die. Because of the screw, nut friction nodes is small, the oil film are easy to be cracked, so the lubricating oil should be has good oil, L - generally adopted AN46 oil or HL hydraulic oil through the oil cup, wick lubrication. 4. Base on the part of the lubricating base sliding guide generally made from cast iron. For guide under load and speed is not large, so the guarantee certain boundary with mineral lubricating oil film. After general contact with your hand lightly in the guide rail surface, can see oil stains on the hand that the guide surface has a layer of oil film. Two hydraulic injection molding machine, automatic lubrication of the injection molding machine features are: high degree of automation, stable performance, and has the electric, hydraulic, interlock protection device, high precision and complicated structure. 1. Injection of lubrication in part due to this part is to complete double oil cylinders drive pre plastic injection speed gear box, the gear box drive screw, the plastic into the cavity of uniform plasticizing, implement of the key parts in injection molding. Exercise more frequently, and electric heating devices, must strictly enforce the lubrication system. This part of the main lubrication part: (1) injection with rack and L - guide surface AN46 total loss system, oil once per class. 2 gear (at the bottom of Roller) And L - guide surface AN46 total loss system, oil once per class. (3) rotary center grease, about 0. 3L。 (4) add L - speed gear box Oil for about 10 l AN46 total loss system. 2. Move mould parts of the lubrication move mould adopts hydraulic power, use direct pressure type liquid device, simple structure, reliable operation, less lubrication points. Mainly is to ensure that in lubricating oil film is formed on the four pillar of guide, available L - AN46 machine oil through the oil cup, wick lubrication. 3. The lubrication of the motor automatic hydraulic injection molding machine are mostly driven by electric motor more, while doing daily lubrication motor should be in accordance with the requirements for lubrication.
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