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The importance of the plastic injection machine maintenance

by:FUHONG     2020-09-18
Don't pay attention to the maintenance of injection molding machine injection molding process will lead to instability, waste quantity increased, frequent breakdowns. Tell me the don't pay attention to the maintenance of injection molding machine injection molding machine to you can cause what consequence. 1, injection molding process is not stable hydraulic oil pollution, oil valve plug, condenser heat dissipation, high oil temperature, screw and wear in injection molding process is not stable. 2, molding defective rate high wear green column, plate deformation, the process is not stable, molten material plasticizing, clamping precision is poor, the machine fault, lead to injection 3, defective rate is high. 4 discomfort, broken green column process parameters, the end of the clamping speed too fast, impact force, clamping force is too large, the green column stress is too large, prone to fatigue 5, fatigue fracture. Six, or broken machine hinge hinge hinge or hinge while cleaning/poor lubrication, serious wear and tear, and clamping force is too large, lead to injection molding machine machine hinge or hinged edge fatigue fracture. 7, small machine plate deformation modulus in a big machine, clamping force, the process parameter improper, inertia force, machine hinge type injection pattern plate deformation. 8, injection efficiency low injection molding machine maintenance work does not reach the designated position, machine downtime maintenance time is long, the increase in the number of failures and scrap, lead to low efficiency of injection molding. 9, product burrs ( Unilateral (front) Green column/machine hinge wear, deformation, uneven or machine board screw holes have burr, lead to clamping imbalance, lead to products run flash. 10, high maintenance cost differential injection molding machine maintenance, oil circuit, circuit, mechanical parts fault, replacement parts are expensive and lead to high maintenance cost.
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