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The importance of filters to injection molding machines

by:FUHONG     2021-05-23
The filter is one of the most critical components on the injection molding machine. It is a key component to prolong the life of the machine and one of the biggest factors. Just like your kidney, the filter element keeps the circulating fluid free from contamination and particles, which means your valves, pumps and hydraulic components will work normally. Due to the importance of filter elements, you should ensure that they are part of regular maintenance inspections and ensure that they are replaced immediately if they fail. In this article, we will discuss the signs that your filter is malfunctioning, and how often you should change the filter. How do I know if the filter needs to be replaced? There are pressure switch indicator lights on the filter. These indicator lights are electrical signals that will trigger an alarm. When this happens, the system will go wrong. Other signs of full filter elements are degraded valve performance, clamp or pump failure. This alert not only provides valuable information about the filter, but also provides valuable information about possible problems with other parts of the machine (especially new machines). We have asked customers to stop their machine before taking out the filter, and we have seen it full of brass, steel, or some other particles. This is a reliable sign that the machine is malfunctioning. If you can mute the alarm during the production process, we do see that customers do this to bypass the sound alarm. Not surprisingly, customers who decide to bypass the alarm will also encounter valve problems, cylinder problems, etc. Ignoring the alarm may keep you running, but only for that long. Ultimately, it will prepare you and your operations for long-term downtime. How often should I change the filter? Although it depends on the quality of the oil and the amount of machine used, you should change the filter every three months. You may want to clean the filter to extend its life, but like bypassing an alarm, this will only keep you running temporarily. Finally, you must do something. Once the alarm sounds, the filter element needs to be replaced to avoid compromising the integrity of the filter, making other particles more likely to contaminate your machine and cause a lot of downtime. Focusing on vertical injection molding machines, disc injection molding machines, low pressure injection molding machines and liquid silicone injection molding machines, we provide a complete set of injection molding solutions and a 24-hour online service system to provide you with high-quality vertical injection molding machines and perfect injection molding solutions , The perfect after-sales service system solves your worries about the machine. Our company address is at No. 91 Xinmin Road, Chang'an Town. Welcome to visit and inspect.
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