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The history of injection molding machine in the world

by:FUHONG     2020-10-01
All the electrification development has, after all, is the injection molding machine injection molding machine or partial electrification ( The oil electricity compound) Has been widely discussed. 'More than' all-electric injection molding machine, especially the charging structure adopts the design of the electrical servo motor drive, injection molding machine in Germany and Italy is very widely used. 1. Injection molding machine fixed assets investment is large, large scale of production, the consumption of raw materials, labor productivity is high, the production value is big. Is a production of form of labor efficiency is very high. 2. Injection molding machine by mechanical, hydraulic, electrical appliances, special fittings and so on, according to the needs of the injection molding processing technology, organically combined together, a high degree of automation, closely linked with each other; Injection molding machine can continuous operation 24 h class 3. If a component fails, the injection molding machine will cause downtime. Injection molding machine invented in America in 1872 has been 130 years of history, but the screw injection molding machine is nearly 50 years to develop and become the industry widely used form of injection molding machine. Injection molding machine in recent years, the main development view of the birth of 'all electric type injection molding machine'. 1994 Japanese manufacturers will be fully electric injection molding machine to commercialization, began to strongly promote the battery model, make all-electric injection molding issues are discussed. All electric type injection molding machine, however, despite its high save energy, clean, excellent characteristics of low noise, but the ball screw durability, high clamping force high tonnage model is not easy to development and production into 3. Injection molding machine while the operation is simple, less workers, but the management and maintenance of injection molding technology content high, workload is big also. So often to ensure the injection molding machine is in good condition, it is necessary to strengthen management of injection molding machine work, strict control of injection molding machine failure. To reduce the failure rate, reduce maintenance costs and prolong application life of purpose. Injection molding machine fault, generally refers to the injection molding machine or system that loss or reduce its regulation function in the application of event or phenomenon. Injection molding machine is the enterprise for satisfaction and equipped with injection molding products production process requirements. The function of injection molding machine embodies the value of it in the injection molding products production activities in and guarantee degree of injection molding production. In modern injection molding machine production, due to the complexity of injection molding machine structure, a high degree of automation, hydraulic, electric and mechanical contact is very close. And injection molding machine malfunction, even partial failure, can cause the production of injection molding machine. Injection molding machine failure directly affect the quantity and quality of injection molding products.
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