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The high performance equipment of high-speed machine

by:FUHONG     2020-09-16
High speed machine is a kind of plastic injection molding machine, as the name implies, the high-speed machine is faster an injection molding machine. Injection molding machine is mainly composed of frame, sheet metal, the clamping mechanism, injection of mechanism, electrical control system and hydraulic system. High speed machine also called fast machine. In practice, more and more customers will be asked to buy the so-called high speed machine, or fast machine; 。 The purpose: in addition to the demand for the product itself, the other is mostly in order to shorten the molding cycle, improve the production capacity of the unit of time, reduce production cost, improve production efficiency, and enhance market competition force. What, then, how have the performance advantages of high speed machine to meet the above needs of customers? 1. Injection speed: will increase or electrical motor and oil pump and accumulator. ( This two kinds, high speed machine has been used) 2. Feeding speed: the electric motor loading. Or hydraulic motor in a feeding, make the screw rotation speed faster. 3. Multi-loop system, realize the three axes linkage: high-speed machine adopts double circuit or circuit design, open mold, mold release by the loading, but at the same time. As a simultaneous composite action, shorten the molding cycle. If you want to know more information about high-speed machine, please contact us, will give you the most professional solutions.
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