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The factors affecting precision mould injection is what?

by:FUHONG     2020-09-14
There are many factors that can influence the mould precision injection, the following is a detailed introduction of these factors. The most basic is plastic material, injection mold, injection molding process and injection molding equipment, etc. These basic factors. At the early stages of the design of plastic products, first of all, according to the needs of its environment selected engineering plastics. Second, the choice of plastic material, finished product design accuracy, weight, quality requirements, and expectations of mold structure to choose the proper injection molding machine. Among the related factors influencing the precision injection molding, mold is the key to meet the requirements of the quality of precision plastic products. Mould design, mould design is reasonable will directly affect the quality of plastic products. Due to the mold cavity dimension is made by plastic products required size and shrinkage of the materials used, and the shrinkage rate is often or manual of engineering plastics as recommended by the plastic manufacturer of a range of values, it not only with the mold gate forms, gate location and distribution, and the crystal orientation of engineering plastics ( Anisotropic) , plastic products shape, size and the distance to the gate position. The main factors influencing the plastic shrinkage rate, including thermal contraction, phase change shrinkage, orientation, compression contraction and elastic recovery, etc. , and these influence factors and precision injection parts molding conditions or operating conditions. Finally proposed reasonably injection molding processing technology, reasonable design and manufacture of moulds according to the drawing, and choose the injection molding processing equipment has important significance. Precision injection with normal injection molding in the injection pressure and injection rate also has difference, precision injection often adopts high voltage or super high pressure injection, high-speed injection for smaller molding shrinkage rate. Injection molding machine can achieve the precision injection molding, welcome interested customers call the inquiry.

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