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The difference between standard injection molding machine with servo injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2020-09-14
China is a nation of injection molding machine production, is also a demand power injection molding machine. China plastics industry is developing very fast in recent years. Standard injection molding machine, also called quantitative pump injection molding machine, it mainly consists of a pressure and flow of PQ valve control of injection molding machine, but it's PQ valve is a quantitative device, its output power revolution is a fixed value, that is to say, in the entire injection molding process, whether the machine in motion, it is a fixed power stable output. So for energy waste is very serious. One of the main machine servo injection molding machine is the injection molding machine market. In the injection molding process, it is made of the data to the computer to the controller, by the control signal to the motor, the motor feedback to the computer of a loop system. This system can make the plastic injection machine in different stages to make the most accurate power output, save energy consumption.
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