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The difference between fast machine and high speed machine

by:FUHONG     2020-10-12
In practice, more and more customers will be asked to buy so-called 'high-speed machine' or 'rapid machine'. In general, the aim, in addition to the demand of the product itself, the other is mostly in order to shorten the molding cycle, improve the output of per unit time, and reduce the production cost, improve the competitiveness. Usually, to achieve the above purpose, there are several practice: injection speed: a motor and oil pump more, or add accumulator. ( We use two kinds of high-speed machine) Feeding speed: the electric motor feeding, or hydraulic motor in a feeding, accelerate the screw rotation speed. ( High speed machine adopts electric motor feeding, screw rotational speed than the same PuTongJi big on 100 r/min) Multiloop system: adopting double circuit or circuit design, as a simultaneous composite action, shorten the molding time. ( Our high speed machine is generally three circuits, namely, the loading, open mold, mold release can be done at the same time, also known as the three axes linkage) We are the naming rules of high-speed machine according to the different methods of circuit and to distinguish the different injection valve, loop way we have a double and three loop. Double circuit ( Biaxial linkage) Type a H after, such as SN - 200H; Three loops ( Three-axis linkage) Add two H behind, such as SN - 200 hh。 Injection valve is proportional flow valve ( The standard) And servo valve, proportional valve is behind the model does not add anything, such as SN - 200H; Servo valve model followed a P, such as SN - 200马力。 So, according to the different combinations, we have four different kinds of high speed machine configuration: double circuit + proportional flow valve ( Such as SN - 200H) , the three loop + proportional flow valve ( Such as SN - 200 hh) , double circuit + servo valve ( Such as SN - 200马力) , the three loop servo valve (+ Such as SN - 200水马力) 。
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