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The difference between CE injection molding machine and common injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2020-10-09
CE of injection molding machine and PuTongJi main difference is that the CE machine not only have safety certification, and in the machine device also has a lot of different. The following is a CE injection molding machine and PuTongJi specific distinction: CE injection molding machine and the biggest difference between PuTongJi lies mainly in sheet metal. CE of sheet metal injection molding the top off the ground at least 2 meters high, prevent the operator from entering the area of moving parts. Isometric protection sheet metal and machine, and remove the sheet metal added can't be outside. If the machine main sheet metal can't up to par level, increase the top limit punching sheet metal, to prevent the machine operation when the operator to enter. And the space between the fixed plate and mobile door less than the size of hand in, prevent the operator from entering the product. CE of the injection molding machine is the space between sheet metal and base was sealed off. In the operation side increase a piece of sheet metal in the moving door to avoid personnel to enter. The second is the pneumatic door. In order to avoid uncontrolled movements. Beware of the abnormal pressure, CE machine to install a guide to confirm valve control. In order to avoid the cylinder filled with or time, cylinder valve control system must be safety cut off in time. And CE injection molding machine computer shell inside and upper block, prevent water and dust entering. Sealed with master ark inside, master control cabinet are installed on the door of the safety switch. CE machine and don't tube protection device to prevent the operator to break into, protect the safety of the operator. CE machine has set a keep out parts in the products exit, enough to avoid the operator from the product the exit to the moving parts. CE than normal injection molding machine injection molding also increased the stop button, nozzle safety switch, interlock socket, risk identification and warning.
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